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Breaking Through your Plateau!

Written by Eric Giles


Posted on January 28 2019

Breaking through the Brick wall of your level of working out is hard and not easy to obtain! The word here is discipline and push for that rep/ set the next rep and don’t give up visualize your body of something that is desireble and speak to the muscle make it grow! 9 times out of ten when it comes to splits or any routine you will bore your self out and not shock the muscle Fibers , won’t wake up! The body is a wonderful machine and needs consistent activity change have fun let those muscle know you want them to grow that wall that you continually hit will engage itself to hit a PR (personal record). I’ve had several folks ask me how do I break through this and I ask them one thing what their  mind Set is and there are a plethora of excuses none included with the words “I will do it”! Believe in youself and trust your body to push through the pressure tell your mind it can happen and you will REACT!!



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