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Business & Life Balance

Written by Eric Giles


Posted on October 28 2019

Business and life as we know it!!! Constantly  conflicts,  at a young age when life is free and easy, the dream of being a businessman  or businesswomen set in quite deep the allure the business the dream! Lol Well its here your grown face it now accountability, family, responsibility and the investment of business to protect those you love dearest there FUTURE! Very little will sacrifice and take risk, those who do can relate and those who are pondering can envision the feeling of what it may be like to balance such a lifestyle! Well I will tell you just wake up write down what needs to be done always keep a realistic point of view! If you are single then it probably is easier less stress Maybe, even still you take away from you social life is that, that BIG of a deal! Possibly a deal breaker. When you want to be successful it is important that balance is needed to help them accomplish the goals for the day, Fun needs to happen in order for me to stay sane in this business! Plenty are hard nose iron clad all business no play you might explode that way or implode no one really wants that! What I have came to realize is as long as you are at a happy medium and approach the day with principal and just get it done you create a natural balance that will work for everyone including family and the social circle. You must make the decision to not give a flying Fuc***** what anyone will tell you and just go hard and get it everyone’s balance is different! The key is happiness!



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