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Coping with Stress thru Fitness!

Written by Eric Giles


Posted on January 21 2019

Stress is bad in so many different way it breaks down your ability to grow and think clearly dealing with stress is not easy in no form and millions of Americans struggle to find ways to Coop with it! Today young and old go thru life challenges and don’t know how to channel the personal aggressions from stress, one of the best ways to channel this is to give the energy to your body in the form of excercise! By doing this you will enable your self to focus on improvement instead of the very thing that is stressing you out. Elements bought on by stress start with anger lack of sleep, patients, everyday this disease cripples your cognitive skills and ability to function at your highest levels stress brings about negative energy out that people will not want to be around you! By adding just a few steps here and there a gym visit or even indulging in physical activities with your children you are taking a step closer to fighting off the dangers of stress and you will start to feel better! I understand stress is not easy to deal with in no shape or form but please at least speak to some one or do something to ease your mind and learn about the dangers of stress so you and others can start to feel better day by day don’t let it bring you down!!



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