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Written by Eric Giles


Posted on October 21 2019

We all have issues and days where we are trying to engage better with our partners! One of the greatest bonding times is fitness and making each other believe in one another, helping and building up desire and sensuality. In some cases, couples have a hard time working out together! Sometimes the partner pushes too hard no compromise no compassion no love etc. etc.! This is the best way to unleash the better part of yourself, by placing yourselves in a position of accountability to educate your spouse. Feeling laughter touching, heavy breathing all, brings you and your partner closer and closer, quite the aphrodisiac!!! Stimulation amongst each other brings some relationships from being battered to better. Create time out for you and your spouse to walk, jog, be exciting be spicy and compromise and keep an open mind while training. Keeping each other engaged, on top of his and her game, watching one another reach their peak, their optimum potential. This will inspire you to be great!! What better way than to see your spouse get greater and feel good about themselves! That’s what love is all about.



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