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Written by Eric Giles


Posted on October 08 2018

While burning calories staying lean and relevant on a daily post I find it hard from day to day in between reps to take clips and dope shots to encourage others to grow within the fitness platform lets talk !

Pushing thru the rep I found creative ways to snap shots and short vids while accomplish my routines! Don’t sweat the small stuff “The time is now” 2 GO FOR IT!!!

  • Have camera set  to shoot in rest periods
  • invest in small tripod 
  • be yourself 





  • Proud of both of you all Eric and Courtney. I cant wait for yall to transform my body looking forward to the upcoming work. LET GO FOR IT!!!!

    Posted by Woody dangerfield | October 05, 2018
  • Great Post Eric! I find this very helpful to me with me wanting to post more on social media!
    *Growing my glutes has been a huge goal of mine! I found that activating my glutes before leg day using a resistance band helps me ALOT! 🍑

    Glute Activation Routine
    (Any Thoughts) 💪🏾
    Posted by Nikki Giles | October 03, 2018
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