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Start Your New Years Resolution RIGHT NOW!

Written by Eric Giles


Posted on December 09 2019

Approaching a new year will help you enable the energy to WIN!

Transition into 2020 with some cardio and body weight movements and create a diet conducive for your healthy goals! Implement resistance training! ( cables, bands, rope) run with steady pace and proper breathing!! Slow and Steady wins the race! 

Do not get discouraged because of slow gainz plateus or other people’s being negative toward your progress! Be Positive and move at your pace whatever makes you smile will inhibit change! Your body will react according to how good or bad you treat it!! Treat your body as a temple!! A series of movement will stimulate specifics part of your body that will cause a chain reaction for greater progress! 

The New year is upon us don’t wait or procrastinate LETS START NOW!! 



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