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Professionalisms and Gym Manner

Written by Eric Giles


Posted on November 11 2019

This has taken back to the beginning of my journey what I have notice is not matter what gym you attend there always different character of people men and women and how he or she carries themselves in the gym from the workouts to speaking to other while training. There are several types of approaches carried on in the gym and in a professional setting DO’s and DONT’s! 

Please shower and make sure you don’t smell like who did it and what for stinks up the equipment !! 

Please re rack weight Smdh 😠 tripping hazard 

Don’t nt interrupt when I’m mid set asking crazy question please evaluate before approach 

Wait your turn 

Clean equipment 

Assist the lady without being a creep fellas 

Don’t hog the bench talking on the phone get to work ! 

The professional side is all how you interact with the Client and prospective  member and co workers! Create a atmosphere to build better live and healthy living don’t create something that people feel insecure and jaded because they don’t look a certain way create fun and a necessity to gain and good feeling from that PUMP! Even those who don’t workout as much will admire and gravitate toward well mannered able GYM rats and professionalism  in the work place 



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