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Rest & Recovery!

Written by Eric Giles


Posted on January 14 2019

Going thru the day without rest contributes to very weak cognitive activity and less then good results turning into a slew of issues, Granted the super successful say the word ! what’s sleep in those context if your life consist of constant business family and not enough hours in a day you will have to find ways to rest and recover. Structure is the prime result of good results few tips are if in gym daily  lower your gym time down and execute compound exercises in half the time if a business man or women reschedule meeting and figure the level of priority of what can get done and what can be second not saying procrastinate I am just saying switch up your routine and rest! Tell your colleagues your friends families etc ... I need to head home for a few hours or go in your office and take sometime out for Yourself to recover your performance physically & mentally will suffer if you don’t !



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