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The Importance of Teamwork

Written by Eric Giles


Posted on October 07 2019

Fitness is just not comprised of weights and showcasing your strength to the world. More importantly teamwork makes it come full circle when each member works together in unison toward the main objective. Life has opened my eyes to understand that by having A Strong team will bring dreams to fruition. When Life gets tough, they lift you up, pulling and pushing you to get it done! Our world needs this more than ever. Teammates who care about one another’s needs and your goals, congratulating success are the ones who will be roots in your life and business! Moreover, collaboratively bringing the dream into the light by each business trip each meeting each photo shoot each brainstorm meeting each gym session each night out every second is the path to success toward the W. Every member of the team has gifts needed to build the organic machine built to run on its own well-oiled! Based on what I have seen in the industry some are in for a FAD, some for Recognition, while the ones that have the tunnel vision, big heart and the surroundings of Bosses with key principles, exemplify the word Longevity. A team captures your best and helps you become your best. Be thankful for your team, lift each other up and never stop, each person in your corner should bring 100 percent everyday of your life. A chain is just as strong as each link! Never leave your man down pick him up, always showcase love! Remember, Attitude reflects leadership. Teamwork will forever, and always make the Dream Work!



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