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The Power of Networking

Written by Eric Giles


Posted on October 14 2019

The amount of information you can obtain behind networking is mind blowing ! The POWER leads you to different pathways in business time and time again! Continuously it’s  different tollways to lead to the gateway of greater opportunities! While working each event the goal should always be to attack and be persistent able to get your point across very quickly, by doing so the brand and image has been impressed on the person or persons by exchanging Good vibrations! People feel a since of importance a level of ohhhh “Really” “ME” Saying! “Wow thanks” presenting your image and brand to the world takes a lot of time and passion by offering your time to talk and educate goes a long WAY! Health and fitness has so many different versions and levels of education, each introduction and different person that you interact with gives you a small dose of knowledge helping you help others! The POWER of networking starts with energy and being open minded to make a statement, build the conduit of opportunity for likeminded individuals to emerge themselves in something that will change lives!! 



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