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Versatility While Training!

Written by Eric Giles


Posted on December 02 2019

Whether it’s routines for 4 weeks or splits during the week always mix it up to take your body to the next level! I had to realize this in the beginning a lot of my routines were burning a lot of calories and conditioning the muscle. The more I learned the knowledge gave me the ability To increased weight and changed most of my routines thus giving me a strong physique with better flexibility. Don’t be afraid to try multiple things run for example try Marathons, triathlon , focus on circuit training Crossfit and many other movements to get your bodies to the ultimate level.


A few of choice movements 


• Battle ropes 

• Circuit training 

• Sprints  on Football field 

• Boxing 🥊 

• jumping as far as you can 

• CrossFit training 
• Climbing 

These are just different forms or functionality & strength movements and training platforms that will engage your body different!

While training the most exciting experience is the PR or PB personal record, personal best and learning a new muscle or feeling that weak muscle and finally understanding its function collectively learning to strengthen that area!! 



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