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First I want to say it has been such a blessing connecting with my trainer and working with someone who's truly passionate about what he does. He will not let me give up on myself and quitting is not an option. He told me to trust the process, that I’m only human, and everyday is not going to be perfect. When I began my journey last December it was tough and it took me some time to get it together. My SW was 267lbs and now I’m currently 211lbs. It’s amazing how much I've changed mentally and physically in the last couple of months. First I had to change my outlook on food. I’ve learned to look at food as fuel and my body as a big science project, learning how my body reacts to certain foods. Now I work out 6 days a week and sometimes I go twice a day. Working out has become a way of life for me. Workouts I thought I were impossible were now things I love to do and it's actually fun. I’m the least athletic person you will ever meet lol but now I’m stronger and faster. I want my story to provide inspire to others to never give up because hard work and determination does pay off.


- Jessica Smith